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Software Architecture

The success of every application or platform begins with a well-designed architecture. To get there we incorporate existing digital assets, know business and user needs, and anticipate future developments.

Software Architecture

Our experience in software architecture covers complex applications, multi-language, multi-country website platforms, up to architectures for whole IT ecosystems.

We are driven by sustainability, utilising existing digital assets and ensuring scalability. We document our architectures in arc42.

Technology Consulting

We carefully follow trends in software development and platform ecosystems. We regularly explore new features in internal projects. Based on the experience gathered there, we can help you choose the right technology to fit your current and future requirements.

IT Ecosystem Buildup & Platform Integration

By defining connectivity standards we help you transform your legacy systems into valuable assets of your digital ecosystem.

Clients we do this for

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Timo Mayer

Executive Board Member

Sarah Hartmann

Client Partner