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Dr. Michael Oppermann

Senior Digital Consultant Analytics (Virtual Identity)

Results and Insights

VI's Big Social Media Management Study

9:30 am
1 hour 15 mins
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The Event

Together with our academic partners Dr. Rosemarie Nowak from Donau University Krems and Prof. Dr. Christian Rudeloff from Hochschule Macromedia Hamburg, we revisited our study from 2019 – and once again gave social media managers a voice by asking them questions about their job:

Which KPIs do companies use to measure the success of their social media strategy? To what extent are social media managers involved in strategic management? And: will Facebook ever be replaced by TikTok?

What we talked about

In our free online event we shared the results of the study and discussed the future of social media communication:

  • Social media study 2023: results and insights
  • Data-driven social media along the customer journey
  • Successful social media cases

Missed the event? No worries

You can download our paper with detailed results here.
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Your conversation partners

Dr. Rosemarie Nowak

Universität Krems

Prof. Dr. Christian Rudeloff

Hochschule Macromedia

Birgit Sedlmayer-Gansinger

Virtual Identity